Dominaria United!

Dominaria United!

Alrighty folks, we are heading back to Dominaria! Alongside the Phyrexian threat! I have to be honest, seeing my girl Sheoldred back in town wrecking house was all I needed from this set! However I am so glad to see all the other elements of this set, so before our prerelease coming up, I (Morgan, long term w/b player, to the refusal of every other colour set) am going to have a quick yarn about the most interesting cards to me throughout the spoilers for this set. 

Sheoldred, the Apolcalypse is a beautiful card that I'm going to put in all of my black decks without feeling too good about it. 
I was way more excited about this card before I found out what she did? This doesn't feel like Sheoldred, or like a Praetor. Like, the card is a solid include in all of my commander decks, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in standard or pioneer, but I wanted to see Sheoldred be the horrifying powerhouse she has been before? Oh but the art is gorgeous which is fantastic. 
Solid 7/10 on all counts. 

Braids, Arisen Nightmare is sick as actual hell, what a way to mess around and find out. Auto include in any black deck, if only to wreck those permanents that have have crippling downsides. Demonic Pact, Spreading Plague, Tainted Aether- I'm so excited to play this card. And you get to draw cards to replace the permanents you sacrificed!
Solid 9/10 man, this card is sick. 

Serra Paragon: Lurrus' reasonable older sister! 
3 or less! Exile when they die so you can't abuse it too bad! But flicker effects still let you bypass that condition! I am so excited to play this card, honestly. It just seems very good, and I hope it's going to see some cheeky standard and pioneer play! It's a slam dunk in my pioneer deck for sure. 

9/10 this card rules. 


Honourable mentions for cards I have opinions of: 
The Raven Man: 4/10 I have been cheated out of the bad guy I was expecting. I'm going to play it but I'm going to be unhappy about it. One bird? In the end step?? So I have to wait a turn before getting to abuse sacrifice effects??? 

Sheoldred's Restoration: 6/10, it's a reanimate with potential upside, but it exiles once you've cast it and it costs four off the bat? Good uncommon, but i think I would have liked it as a 3 drop with a 4 mana kicker.

The most important card in this set: 

Liliana of the Veil: Absolute 10/10 reprint. No complaints. Back with baller new art, an absolutely tragic expression, a reflection that beckons to the story, outstanding.
Liliana of the Veil in standard again! In Pioneer! With a foil that doesn't cost $150! 
Ideal reprint. Her alt art is killer as well, this was a series of fantastic decisions. 


Our prerelease kicks off at 7pm on Friday the 2nd, so don't miss out!
Cheers from Valkyrie's resident Orzhov player, Morgan <3

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