Not-So-Secret Lairs! (Secret Lair Sales!!)

Not-So-Secret Lairs! (Secret Lair Sales!!)

Secret Lairs, simply put, are small collections of alternate art cards that are available only for short periods of time.

Less simply put, Secret Lairs give MTG artists and guest artists the opportunity to flex a lil bit.

Whether it's a collection entirely in an artist's own style, as showcased in Dan Frazier's series of guild signets (available in foil or non-foil)!

Or a collection of many artist's takes on the same ideal, as in this Mother's Day Mother of Runes series!

There are a ton of different Secret Lairs for all different kinds of Magic player, and as of today they are all on sale here at Valkyrie! 20% off of any Secret Lairs! Online, use the code March22 to get those savings, and this sale (and more) are available in store!

<3 We hope everybody is taking care of themselves and being kind to one another in what has been a pretty stressful year so far. 
Morgan and the team at Valkyrie Games.

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