Bunny Kingdom in the Sky

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Ever since General Mafayette spotted a mysterious Great Cloud from his airship, the New World isn’t the only mysterious land waiting to be conquered.

Now, the Bunny King has expanded your missions of exploration. Returning laden with Wondrous Resources might just help you secure the coveted title of “Big Ears”. But that’s not all…

Rabbit settlers fanning out across the New World are organizing into Districts, and trade has begun to flourish between
Play your cards right and profit from the situation!

This expansion adds a second board, a full set of pink rabbits to play with a 5th fellow bunny-lover, new cards and a new building : the Carrotadel!

Will you conquer the sky with unicorns, rainbows and luxury ressources, or stay on the ground and grind your way through the hard work of a farmer?