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RX-105 Xi Gundam: Celebrating GunPla's 40th Anniversary with Gundam Hathaway's Flash Tribute

In tribute to the spectacular 40-year journey of GunPla and in sync with the release of RX-104FF Penelope, Bandai proudly presents the behemoth of Mobile Suits, the RX-105 Xi Gundam, directly inspired from the 'Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway's Flash OVA' series.

Sturdy and Majestic: This model isn't just about scale; it's about stability and detail. Thanks to the incorporation of robust, high-quality joint components, the RX-105 Xi Gundam not only stands tall but maintains impressive poses, whether dynamic or stationary.

Impressive Armaments & Features:

  • Weaponry: Outfit your Gundam with a beam saber, beam rifle, and a shield that attaches seamlessly by displacing the arm's hexagonal parts.

  • Aesthetics & Design: Revel in the precision detailing, from the wings that grace the suit's back to the blades positioned on its legs. The Minovsky flight unit’s deployable movement is captured exquisitely, adding layers of realism and functionality to the model.

  • Transformability: True to its origins, the RX-105 Xi Gundam offers a transformation feature. Effortlessly shift between the 'MS form' and the 'Flight form', with the model’s legs and other significant parts designed for easy deformation.

Step into the next chapter of Gunpla's legacy with the RX-105 Xi Gundam. Crafted with passion, ready for builders who seek both nostalgia and innovation.