Geno Breaker Repackage Version

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Zoids 1/72 EZ-034 Geno Breaker (Repackage Ver.) – Model Kit


The model has been truly refined and can now be far more naturally posed when aiming and shooting its Charged Particle Cannon!


Each part has been updated for a wider range of flexibility but stays faithful to the original coloration.


Additional all-clear and clear red parts have been included in this kit as an additional bonus item and can be customized with model paint. Be sure to add this Zoid to your very own collection!




Each cooling unit on the tail can be opened and closed. This model can also be posed naturally in a position of when it is firing its Charged Particle Cannon.

The Zoid Core inside the model's torso can be removed and the cockpit hatch opened and closed, allowing for a pilot figure to be placed inside.

Attachment parts to attach the model to accessories such as New Flying Base are included and made with all-clear plastic.

Clear parts such as the head's twin eyes come in the standard clear red as well as a clear color for your preference.

All-new emblem and caution mark decals to recreate the world of Zoids are included in this kit.

Size: About 350mm long when completed

Plastic Model Parts: 401 to 600 pieces

Material: PS, PE, ABS, PVC (phthalate ester-free)