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Sins is a narrative role-playing game. Focused on telling the stories of powerful entities known as Nemissaries, in a mysterious post-apocalyptic world inhabited by an undead hivemind known as the Brood, Sins is a game about choice, and the consequences which come from wielding great and terrible power. It's also about horror and survival in an unforgiving world fraught with danger, where even the Nemissaries' great power may not protect them.

Sins runs on a highly-praised, unique D6 dice pool engine, which keeps games fast, fluid, and narratively driven. Intricate but simple mechanics tie character development with mechanical progression, and cooperative storytelling mechanics ensure compelling narrative arcs occur in every game, driven by the player characters.

This book is fully illustrated with evocative artwork by the acclaimed artist Will Kirkby, whose previous work includes cover work for several major Dark Horse Comic titles, guest covers for Critical Role comics and his own self-published Wraith King artbook and Grenade graphic novel. 

The Core Rulebook Includes

  • Over 100 pages of rich, immersive lore
  • A simple 5-step Character Creation guide that covers everything a player will ever need, be it narrative or mechanical.
  • A Player's Guide, packed with advice on everything from wielding great and terrible power, to helping out new roleplayers at your table.
  • A directory of 70 unique Arietta, the awe-inspiring powers Nemissaries wield.
  • A handy GM's Toolkit, providing everything from enemy statlines to narrative advice.
  • A terrifying Beastiary of the many horrors that inhabit the SINS world.
  • Seamlessly intergrated commentary sidebars, explaining, exemplifying and advising how to get the most out of your SINS games.
  • Character Sheets designed for elegance and simplicity.